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Prudence Imperial No4

Prudence Imperial No4

Prudence Imperial No4

In 2014 Prudence was invited to Yekaterinsberg in Russia, which inspired a whole new collection. The historic city is situated in the Ural mountains which are rich in minerals and form the gateway to the Siberian plains is also inescapably linked to the murder of the Imperial Romanov family after the Revolution in 1917.

History is often difficult to accommodate and the present day magnificence of St Petersburg is testimony to the respect now given by Russia to its imperial past and the magnificent orthodox churches in both St Petersburg and Yekaterinsberg attempt to give closure to this painful episode. Prudence did not want to exploit the tragedy, but preferred instead a discreet form of tribute that acknowledged both past and present.

The collection has no individual names only numbers and is presented in elegant black bottles, each bottle containing a crown as a stopper. It is a profound wistful reflection of melancholy opulence with a range of fragrances for every woman’s taste.

No.4 opens refreshingly with a blend of neroli and orange blossom before moving on to an elegant floral mix of ylang ylang, carnations, jasmine and rose before finishing with musk sandalwood, tonka bean and oud.

£200.00 tax incl.

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