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Everything that Jul Et Mad is started with a magical encounter between two people on the streets of Paris. This meeting - a clash of two cultures, two continents, two passions and two souls - transformed into a beautiful love affair which can now be explored through their extraordinary collection of perfumes. Some of the couple’s most precious moments are captured in olfactive form with each perfume realizing their sensorial emotions in a particular time and place.

Jul Et Mad is a concept entirely developed in-house by the two founders, in tight partnership with French companies that specialize in traditional perfumery processes. The noses have absolute freedom and access to the best quality and most precious raw materials. The house encourages them to make the most out of their talents and know-how at every creative stage. This is perfume without compromise.

Jovoy is proud to be the exclusive stockist of Jul Et Mad in the UK.


Les Classics 'Coffret'


Les White 'Coffret'

Tailor-made service