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Elisabeth de Feydeau’s Arty Fragrance is a brand full of exclusive fragrances that draws inspiration from a very classic style of French refinement. Through its rich, sophisticated products, the brand has become a gold standard the world over for people who are sensitive to elegance with a ‘French touch’.

A historian as well as a perfume expert, Feydeau has crafted two collections of scented candles which are based on information sourced from ancient texts that use the noblest ingredients in perfumery to recreate the atmosphere of 17th and 18th century France. The Collection from the Court imagines the stories of the Court of Versailles through fragrances, using the scents to unfold chapters of French history.

The second collection, The Baroque Collection, also expresses a very French and glittering spirit that drifts between tradition and modernity with a sophisticated ease. Versailles was undoubtedly an inspiration for the creation of Feydeau’s second collection as the 18th century shines in the history of France as the golden age of refined arts and lifestyles. The Baroque Collection pays homage to this age of enlightenment.

In keeping with the tradition of the wax makers of Versailles who supplied the King’s Court, the candles are made with a precious wax that offers a better diffusion of the scent when either cold or warm.



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