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Aemium is the first French luxury perfume house that is both natural and eco-friendly. They believe that no one can be truly authentic and premium without respecting the planet and the people...

Aemium draws its inspiration from the pioneers of perfumery that were working at the beginning of the century. Composing without the help of petrochemicals and working free of all marketing constraints the brand conceives each perfume as an art object; one that is olfactory and poetic. Thus Aemium's creations are singular and audacious, as natural and unique as the men and women to whom they are addressed. 

The house's perfumes are completely vegan and are made using the noblest natural materials. No synthetic ingredients made from petrochemicals are present in Aemium's fragrances. Neither will you find any colorant, nor anti-UV, nor anti-oxidants of controversial synthesis (such as BHT). This has enabled the perfumes to be certified organic and natural by Ecocert. 

The packaging is designed in an eco-responsible manner: bleached cardboard boxes have been replaced by French poplar wood. The products are sourced, manufactured and packaged in France, and the supply chain is designed from start to finish to reduce the carbon footprint. Aemium is a proud member of 1% For The Planet and donates 1% of its turnover to an environmental association.


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