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MDCI is a French perfume house who create exclusive perfumes for enthusiasts and collectors alike. Directly inspired by the Renaissance period, the admirable traces of which (architecture, sculpture, fountains and landscapes) are evident all throughout Paris - from the old Marais district to the Louvre and the Gardens of the Luxembourg. MDCI draws from these and other incredible objects of unmatched luxury.

Granting complete freedom to the talented perfumers they work with has seen MDCI explore many directions and within a few years recognition of their commitment to the field of artistic perfumery and the brands overall exposure grew and that same little house of perfumes is now an active laboratory of scents, adding new fragrances at the pace of their encounters with new perfumers and new ingredients.

The enchantment of these exquisite scents is only enhanced by the tactile emotional beauty of the bottle and their stoppers.




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