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Ella K is a timeless muse and universal artist for perfumer Sonia Constant. She is a citizen of any faraway country. She lives her life like the author of a novel. Open to endless possibilities while knowing what she wants, she allows her mind to wander but never takes her eye off the destination.

Following in the footsteps of her famous explorer sisters, Alexandra David-Néel, Ella Maillart, Amélia Earhart and Karen Blixen, Ella K travels the globe on the lookout for beauty, rare landscapes and raw emotion. Epupa, Florence, Khao-Sok, Pushkar, Ha Long, Altai and Sagano: at each destination she finds enchantment, a treat for the senses, an olfactory memory and a love poem.

Each fragrance is an exact, elegant alchemy of a few ingredients, a formula that is written and rewritten as many times as is necessary to achieve the ultimate aim: purity, precision, resolute simplicity and un-ostentatious luxury.

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