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Perfumes CIRO was created in New York during the Roaring Twenties by Jacob S. Wiedhopf, a visionary whose passion truly belonged to the world of fragrance (he brought Caron to America, was co-founder and first president of the Fragrance Foundation). The collection, which was made in France, shone from the outset with it's audacity and uncompromising quality. Considered to be one of the first niche fragrance brands of the olfactory avant-garde by the 1960s the brand had launched over two dozen creations. 

Half a century later CIRO returns with six charismatic fragrance compositions all created by master crafts people. Uniting the brand's tradition with a strong sense of modernity has managed to preserve it's historical heritage. As an homage to the CIRO brand and its legacy, these six classic compositions served as inspiration for today's perfumers who have not only reinterpreted each fragrance but have also retained the names of the almost 100-year-old perfume creations.

CIRO is a perfumery myth that now shines with a new splendour. 


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