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Bringing the same sense of reverence for materials, design and supreme craftmanship from haute couture to the world of perfume, Shalini’s enduring vision is to create something of beauty; something of lasting value that will stand the test of time.

Working alongside master perfumer Maurice Roucel, Shalini is reinventing the very idea of the modern classics with her collection of pure parfums.

"I capture these moments to create the most beautiful, complex compositions; creating a mood and feeling where the composition becomes a rapture…" Shalini offers of her processes. "it is transportive. To create is an inner journey for me and I bring my entire aesthetic being to the process. This journey is what makes the process of creation glorious."

"Each parfum is a personal memory, or an intimate feeling that I am sharing with the wearer. A place, a time, a touch, a garden, travels to far away lands…"

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