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NEZ, the olfactory review, is the fruit of the association of Auparfum and editions Le Contrepoint. It exists to offer the reader a new vision of olfaction and perfumery. They're convinced that a revaluation of the sense of smell will make it possible to propose a positive approach to the art of perfume and its industry.

As result the bi-annual magazine addresses the full spectrum of olfaction: in aspects scientific, marketing focused, historical, cultural or botanical. It will also deliver a view of the current perfume market as well as a critical selection of perfumes released in the previous 6 months. Their main goal is simply to explain, analyze and arouse curiosity. To achieve this NEZ has brought together journalists, scientists, historians, experts of smell and of perfume, to explore all the richness of a scented universe which is arousing more and more interest in the general public.



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