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Le Monarque are the makers of the most exclusive perfumes in the world. 

Each fragrance is a veritable work of art signed by a world-renowned perfumer. Each creation is produced in a limited edition of 1000 numbered flacons so consequently the access to each of Le Monarque's perfumes is extremely confidential. Their distribution is restricted throughout the world and they will only ever be available for a very short period of time.

Le Monarque considers the medium of perfume an art form, therefore absolutely no artistic or marketing directions were stipulated or communicated to their noses. These perfumes are the complete artistic expressions of their creators and are presented as such, without notes or excessive background information.

Every perfume flacon Le Monarque is a unique work of art: an exceptional made-to-measure flacon inspired by the radial cut of a diamond adorned with a 23 karat gold-plated plaque, engraved and enameled by hand with its own number from 000 to 999.


Tailor-made service