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La Maison Hedonique is a boutique British perfume brand created by Lucy Akhurst.

“Your nose remembers more than your head; it jogs the memories of your soul. A scent caught on the breeze can make your heart expand with happiness or contract with sudden sorrow. How often have you taken up a piece of clothing placed at the bottom of a drawer and found that a scent has lingered on it? And how often has that scent given solace, even as it made you weep?

There is a magic in perfume that defies time and place. It is your personal time machine. You can forget what a person wore, but a hint of their perfume will bring their face before you in vivid colour. One smell and we are with them again. There’s a reason we close our eyes when we smell a bottle of perfume; quite simply, the pictures of who we love are clearer.

Think of the stories written here as points of departure. It’s up to you to continue them and write your own tales of love, desire and fantasy. Open the bottle, breathe in the scent and embark on your adventure.”

Tailor-made service