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An iconoclastic artist, an ancient and modern art enthusiast, a committed humanist and a self-confessed travel buff, above all Alexandre.J defines himself as ‘an explorer’ who is driven by a desire to constantly push the boundaries of his creativity to the limit. His paintings, sculpture, drawing, music and travels have all fashioned and nourished the Alexandre.J myth. His is a unique vision of the world which has brought new life to the realm of fashion and beauty; two spheres that hold all the secrets of art itself.

Each creation in any one of his assorted collections explores a wide range of olfactory notes. The raw materials used may be noble, rare and precious and finding the optimum balance is often a slow and painstaking process but Alexandre.J does not shy away from the challenge. Advocating luxury craftmanship, to him, the olfactory experience is what truly matters.

Jovoy proud to be the exclusive stockist of Alexandre.J perfumes in the UK.

Atelier d'Artistes

Atelier d'Artistes: Meili Collection

The Collector

E Collection


Le Royal


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