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First launched in 2014 (when it was called AJ Arabia), Widian is the first UAE luxury perfume brand based in Abu Dhabi with a truly international vision. The journey of the creator first began in the arid surroundings of the Arabian desert where he carried with him ouds, amber, frankincense and a collection of rare and charming Arabian flowers. Following his dream all the way to Paris he learned the art of haute parfumerie and when he returned to his homeland he brought with him the material spoils he found in the desert and the secrets of French perfumery.

Widian, which means ‘valleys’ in Arabic, is a mix of the contemporary Arab spirit and traditional perfumes. Delicate and fragrant each perfume embodies the meaning of luxury and beauty whilst it takes you on a journey through the marvellous heritage of the Middle East.

Black Collection

Velvet Collection

Gold Collection


Rose Arabia

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