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Having moved to France at an early age, Samuel Akata found that he was able to hang on to his memories of a childhood spent in Africa through his sense of smell. And after successfully launching a cosmetic line, Au Bonheur des Hommes, on the Parisian market his desire to share his memories and a love of his childhood scent memories lead to the creation of his first line of perfumes: Eternel Gentleman.

Wafts of camphor, gusts of talcum powder, the aromas of warm bread, fresh oranges, coffee and cocoa all help complete some of his mental pictures of himself as a happy child and a lot of those ideas have influenced the direction of the five fragrances in the Eternel Gentleman range. Working to construct his own varied world full of warmth, Akata invigorates some of the more classical ideas of masculine perfumery with scents like E.G. and Noble Spirit.


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