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Hailing from Normandy in France, Berry is a perfume house that was born from the passion of two entrepreneurs who share a healthy obsession with rare perfumes and essences. The brand’s creator, Cecile Vialla, is firmly at the helm of this rare perfume line, instilling her passion for her home region into every detail of Berry’s conception.

Established in Rouen in Normandy, Berry has naturally delved for inspiration into it's immediate region's environment, history and culture. The house sees itself as the olfactive incarnation of some of the powerful moments in Normandy's history. It is evocative of the region's particular landscapes and offers original slices of its story. It is a reflection of certain personalities, an innovative transcription in scent of the history and traditions of the region's heritage.

Simply put Berry's perfumes exist to publicly honour its place of origin - an area full of history and emblematic characters.


Les Eaux Normandes

Portraits Olfactifs : Jehanne


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