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During a journey to the Far East, Nejma's founder and creator Marie-Lise Bischoff attended the reading of an oriental fairytale where she fell under the spell of Nejma, a charming and radiant woman with amazing beauty and poise. One day the Vizire comes into her city and they fall madly in love with each other. She isn’t a princess so is at first unable to persue her love but after wading through fights and torrents of family feuds the two finally get married and birth seven girls, all as pretty as Nejma with her rare and spectacular beauty.

Nejma is a shining star and an inspiring muse. She guides olfactive tourists through the Eastern Byzantium Empire all the way to Provence in order to reveal the secrets of her dynamic elixir. Her universe is made up of seven diverse fragrances that are full of materials from distant countries mixed with oud: a creation of amazing individual symphonies that use jasmines of Arabia and Egypt, ylang ylang, rose of Ottoman, sandalwood Mysore and the purest vetiver.

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