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In the beginning of Jeroboam Perfumes, there was Origino. Invented by the independent perfumer Vanina Muracciole, Origino is a perfume base that is composed of a cocktail of musks. This ‘ball of musks’, when concentrated into a perfume extrait marked nothing less than a new beginning for François Hénin, the founder of Jovoy perfumes and boutiques. It was the origin for creating a new olfactory universe…

“What was nothing more than a creative olfactory exploration, a game between Vanina and me, led to the genesis of a completely new brand,” Hénin offers.

Believing that major perfumes don’t need big bottles the 30ml flacon that would come to house these precious extraits was promptly named after a dramatic six litre bottle and the word Jeroboam embodies exactly the kind of contrast that Hénin favours. Origino (which means ‘original’ in Esperanto) and the other perfumes it inspired, are so singular and intense that they needed a bottle that properly measured up to the project.

For Hénin, the decision to offer perfume in its most potent concentration - its purest expression - came very naturally. There is something very noble about an extrait that’s tailor-made to leave a memorable impression in its wake. Those people who understand a perfume’s flirtatious and provocative nature understand that in the right hands, perfume is a weapon. Sometimes fragrance is infinitely more efficient than words.



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