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Ramon Monegal descends from  a long and distinquished lineage of Barcelonan and Spanish perfumers. He represents the fourth generation of the house of  Myrurgia, which was the official purveyor to the spanish royal family and was the  most important international perfume compagny in Spain.

His training began in 1972 in Myrurgia itself, where he started a period of intense study, memorizing and familiarizing himself with the best scents, including mythical infusions of amber, Tonkin Musk, castoreum, civet and iris. These were the best secrets of Myrurgia and the key to the only couture perfume existing at this time. His training continued to Geneva with his mentor, Maître Parfumeur(MP) Artur Jordi Pey ( Firmenich) then in Grasse with MP Marcel Carles ( Roure Bertrand and Argeville) and finally i Paris with  the MP Pierre Bourdon ( Takasago and Fragrances Ressources).

In 1979 he created his first fragrance, Alada which brought unexpected sucess to Myrurgia. It led the Spanish domestic for decades.

In 2007, with the strategic disappearance of Myrurgia, he decided to relinquish his emotional ties to the family project to which he had dedicated most of his life, making decision to initiate a new endeavor. after a period of reflection and experimentation emerged the project he had always dreamed created : his own "Image Fragrance". He longed to reach the retail client as a true perfumer -  without filters, without bureaucracy and without undermined artistic expression.



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