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Petr is a name that, in Russia, inspires many emotions and images: Petr Saint, apostle and fisherman. Petr the Great Mighty Czar, intelligent and industrious who masterminded Russia’s renaissance and the development and emergence of St Petersburg; Petr Tchaikowsky composer whose symphonic and ballet music entrance the world... It's a name dear to Russians given to many of their sons.

Prudence has dedicated this eau de toilette to such a man, a valued friend, a proud Russian who cherishes his country. It is presented in an elegant artisanal bottle embellished with a heraldic device bearing two Italian greyhounds which her friend breeds with distinction.

The fragrance is classic and masculine bearing headnotes of citrus fruits tinged with herbs and lavender. A combination of juniper leaves, angelica and coriander meld with the crispness of cinnamon before giving way to deep base notes of musk, patchouli, cedar wood and oak moss.

£185.00 tax incl.

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