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Jovoy's Blog

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  • #newatjovoy: Evernia

    09/10/2021 Jovoy

    Ormonde Jayne's latest release  Evernia  is a decidedly modern tribute to the characteristic aroma of oakmoss (evernia prunastri) that uses the... Read more
  • #newatjovoy: Ormonde Jayne

    08/26/2021 Jovoy

    We're proud to bring a capsule collection of Ormonde Jayne fragrances to Mayfair. Ormonde Jayne’s philosophy is one of quality and true... Read more
  • #newatjovoy: Nobile 26

    08/12/2021 Jovoy

    The newest release from Nobile 1942 is here! Nobile 26 is an olfactory tribute to King Charles of Bourbon who's influence and enlightenment is... Read more
  • #newatjovoy: NEZ Issues 10 & 11

    08/06/2021 Jovoy

    We've just received the latest issues of the olfactory publication, NEZ.  Both issues 10 & 11 are available to purchase now! Read more
  • #newatjovoy: Perris Monte Carlo

    07/29/2021 Jovoy

    Another, very welcome, new arrival to Mayfair is that of Perris Monte Carlo . Minted, surprisingly, in Monte Carlo, Perris deal in unique... Read more
  • #newatjovoy: Houbigant Paris

    07/29/2021 Jovoy

    We're VERY excited to welcome Houbigant - a French house of real historical influence and pedigree - to Mayfair. With classic releases like... Read more
  • #newatjovoy: Rock Star

    07/19/2021 Jovoy

     A new sparkling shot of the Mediterranean breeze, Carner presents a new delicate, sun caked aquatic fragrance, Rock Star . Read more
  • #newatjovoy: Beso Pasion

    07/19/2021 Jovoy

    Beso Pasion  is the fourth fragrance from Beso Beach, but it's swirl of dry, slightly fruity elements slots into the range perfectly.... Read more
  • #newatjovoy: Paradiso Perduto (Nobile 1942)

    07/13/2021 Jovoy

    New from Nobile 1942 are the three perfumes in the Paradiso Perduto collection... "Paradiso Perduto (lost paradise) is a surrealistic... Read more
  • FYI: Regarding European Orders

    07/03/2021 Jovoy

    Following new legislation, from the 1st July, orders to the EU will be subject to a minimum order value of £150 .  Any VAT will be collected... Read more
  • #newatjovoy: Sus-skind

    06/19/2021 Jovoy

    We're delighted to welcome French brand  Süs-skïnd  to Mayfair. Their collection of five scents intend  to take you far away on olfactory trips... Read more
  • FYI: Presenting Our New EXCLUSIVE OFFERS

    06/18/2021 Jovoy

    You can now discover the range of exclusive offers and generous add ons our brands are running over on our new - you guessed it - Exclusive... Read more
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