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Jovoy's Blog

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  • Just Arrived: Art Deco Collector

    02/21/2020 Jovoy

    Alexandre. J have just celebrated the release of their latest collection, the Art Deco Collector, with a launch party in our basement space. With... Read more
  • Just Arrived: L'Arc Parfum's Chrysalide

    02/19/2020 Jovoy

    Described by the brand as "a butterfly with golden wings", Chrysalide is the olfactory equivalent of a chrysalis, the intermediate 'cocoon'... Read more
  • Now Stocking: Jazeel Perfumes

    01/23/2020 Jovoy

    Jazeel Perfumes  is a house of luxury fragrances founded in 2018 by perfumer Ali Alzaabi. His deep emotional connection with perfumes from early... Read more
  • Now Stocking: 1907 Perfumes

    01/22/2020 Jovoy

    Jovoy Mayfair is proud to present the opulent, heritage inspired Beneath The Surface collection from 1907 Perfumes ...⁠ Inspired by the... Read more
  • Now Stocking: The Gate Paris

    01/18/2020 Jovoy

    Established in 2015, The Gate Fragrances Paris is inspired by the mystery, possibility and promise that a gate represents: once you've traveled... Read more
  • Now Stocking: DiVina Terra

    01/06/2020 Jovoy

    Experienced connoisseurs of a genuine Piemaggio Chianti Classico will easily smell perfumer Paolo Terenzi's interpretations of the wine with its... Read more
  • Now Stocking: Carner Barcelona

    12/11/2019 Jovoy

    The full five collections from the established Spanish brand, Carner Barcelona , have arrived here in Mayfair.  Coming from a long family of... Read more
  • New Release du Monde: Üjan

    12/09/2019 Jovoy

    Üjan is a wild, green and woody perfume, designed by perfumer Thierry Bernard to represent the spirit of the forest in Borneo. It really does... Read more
  • Just Arrived: Piano Santal

    11/27/2019 Jovoy

    Imagine you had a dream... and in that dream you woke up inside a piano... what would that smell like? Well, L'Orchestre Parfum have answered... Read more
  • Puredistance: Going For Gold

    11/23/2019 Jovoy

    Gold is the fifth perfume Antoine Lie has made for Puredistance and just like his other creations for Puredistance,  Gold   exactly matches the... Read more
  • New In: NEZ Number 8

    11/13/2019 Jovoy

    Can you get hooked on an odour? Why are ethanol and perfume such a good combination? How do brands try to create olfactory dependency? All these... Read more
  • Just Arrived: Velvet Splendour

    11/04/2019 Jovoy

    Like holding a large bunch of sunburnt wild flowers in both arms and pressing one’s face gently into it,  Velvet Splendour  is an impressionist’s... Read more
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